Body Mod


Body modification is one of those things that has lots of controversy surrounding it. Some people think tattoos and piercings are gross and inappropriate where as others are all for them. Then there are those who think some are okay and some aren’t.

Ears are on of the most common and socially acceptable piercings. People give their babies ear piercings for pete’s sake! Pretty much everyone I know has their ears pierced or has had them done in the past. It’s considered normal. But what’s the difference between an earring and a belly or nose ring? It’s the same concept just in a different place.

I’ve had my nose, belly button, ears and most recently my cartilage pierced. I also have a tattoo. Word of advice…if you ask about how bad a cartilage piercing hurts and someone tells you it doesn’t, they are lying. It was the most painful one I’ve ever had done, hurt worse than my belly button.

So when it comes to body piercings I don’t see anything wrong with them and there’s a lot of people out there who would agree with me. Then there are those who completely disagree with me. For example, my work is totally against body modifying. I almost got fired for having my cartilage pierced. What kind of bullshit is that?? Now, granted piercings and skin color are two totally different things, but I believe it’s a form of discrimination. If your going to not allow or possibly fire me based on my physical appearance in regards to the jewelry I choose to wear, that’s just unfair.

People will disagree with my opinions on body modification but that doesn’t phase me. The whole point of modifying your body is to make yourself happy. It’s all about your personal opinion, no one else’s.

I Cantaloupe



Marriage is a beautiful thing, its the uniting of two individuals to create one. I don’t think marriage should be rushed or done through betrayal. Which is precisely why I will not be attending my step-father’s wedding in Mexico this summer.

My biological pops isn’t in the picture, he dipped out when I was born and I’ve only met him once, ironically, I never want to meet him again. So when I was three my mom introduced me to the guy she’d been dating, Todd. They continued dating for the next 12 years and I consider him my father, but due to recent circumstances the common term I used for him, “dad”, is now consciously being changed to “step-dad.” Simply due to the fact that I think he is an asshole. (Sorry to be so blunt)

You see, he and my mom never got married…aka he never proposed and then after a solid 12 years of togetherness he goes and cheats on her. I have a little brother so because of us my parents worked things out and stayed together, but history repeats itself and he cheated again…and again. Finally my parents split up.

Then came the hard part, my younger brother was destroyed by it and that was the hardest thing for me to witness, and the fact that my mother was so hurt by it all. My step-dad acted as if none of it mattered and it wasn’t his fault, that’s why I think he is an ass. Custody became and issue and because I’m old enough legally to make those decisions, I live with my mom full time where sadly, my little brother has to go back and forth each week.

Once again my step-dad broke trust when he introduced his new girlfriend to my brother and I before the agreed 6 months of dating my parents had discussed. Another reason to think he’s a jerk. I choose to distance myself from him and his new family. His girlfriend…well now fiance, has a daughter who just so happens to be very close in age to the time my step-dad took me on, ironic huh?

The thing about my step-dad is, he wants but he won’t give. I don’t play that way. If you want something from me, you must give effort back and I will reciprocate especially when it comes to having a relationship. I won’t do a one sided relationship, either both parties put effort in or I’m out. I initially tried and didn’t get anything in return so I gave up. Having a relationship with him is no longer important to me, but now he’s putting in half assed effort and expects me to be all for it and attend his wedding with some woman he’s known for less than a year…no thank you.