The Ghost of College Past


From the time we start school till the time we finish high school, the idea of going to college is engrained in our brains. We’re told, if you want to make something of yourself and your life you must attend college. Sadly, that’s almost always the truth.

Now a days it’s nearly impossible to get a job without a college degree. Without the ability to get a job how are we supposed to pay our insane tuition? The two go hand in hand.

As a high school junior, this is the year where the preparation for college truly begins. Taking the SAT and ACT, making sure your grades are at their peak, getting all that community service and choosing what you want to do with your life. It’s a little unfair that we can’t even legally make decisions for ourselves yet we’re supposed to pick what we want to do with the rest of our lives at 17.

College has always been a priority, but now that my departure to a 4 year university is creeping up, the whole process is becoming pretty scary and overwhelming. First off, I don’t even know what I want to do for sure yet. Secondly, looking at colleges those numbers are pretty terrifying. My mom is a single mother and my dad isn’t a part of my life, so the idea of paying for college is one of the daunting thoughts in my mind. I constantly wonder how I’m going to afford it and although I try my best not to narrow my school selection down based on pricing…I can’t help it. I know, no matter what I’m leaving college with mounds of debt…but why?

College is expected of today’s youth yet it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and most can’t afford it. That just seems a little messed up. Maybe if college was more affordable, we would have more people graduating and attending. Yes, there are scholarships but that doesn’t cover all of it, unless you get a full ride, which is extremely difficult.

Lucky for me, I’m currently getting a year and a half of free college education due to the program I’m in. I do Middle College, which is basically me finishing high school while earning college credits as a full time SBCC student. It’s an amazing program and looking at tuition prices, I’m so grateful to be getting free college education right now. What’s neat about this program is, if I work my ass off for the next year I can graduate with most of my general ed’s for college so I can apply as a transfer student and hopefully only do 2 years at a 4 year university.

College man, it’s a pretty scary thing. There’s so much pressure on you your last 2 years of high school…it’s nuts.

Define “Date”



What does it mean to go on a “date”? Like who made up the rules to say that this is a date and that isn’t, it doesn’t seem that logical but the boundaries are there so what are they?

As stereotypical as this is, a big part of what makes it a date or not revolves around who pays. It’s socially accepted that if the boy pays then it’s a date. I disagree. Money is money, it’s not as if the boys money is better because it’s in the pocket of the person with the penis so why does who pays define the romantic level of the encounter. It’s stupid to think it can only be a date if the boy pays…what if your girlfriend wants to take you out! It’s still a date.

There’s also the “where are you going” aspect. I’ve met people who think going to the movies to make-out the whole time is a date…I’ve been on those kinds of dates, they aren’t fun…that is NOT a date. If I wanted to just tongue tango with you, we should have just gone to a park or someones house. There is really no need to pay $20 bucks if a kiss is all you want. I’ve always wondered if it makes the guy feel like less of an asshole if he pays for something for you prior to kissing you instead of just going for it. Just food for thought 😉

When it comes to a date, there shouldn’t be any rules or regulations. It should be about two people getting to know one another and seeing if there’s a spark. Chemistry isn’t built through the movies or dinners, it isn’t built at all. If there is chemistry it will be there naturally and both parties will feel it. There is no need to make a fuss about who asks for the check, if through that little outing you found something worth asking for date two, the goal has been met.