Snip & Dye


It is said that a girl’s first reaction to issues with men is to change her hair. Now, I won’t argue with that because there have been plenty of times when I’ve gone through a bad breakup and desperately wanted change so I died my hair. I can’t tell you how many hair colors I’ve had. Blonde, light brown, dark brown, purple, blue pink…the list is ridiculous. I don’t see it as a bad thing, hair is one of those things that no matter how bad you screw it up, it always grows back.

Yes, dying your hair or doing something drastic to it can be scary. There was one point when I was in between brown and blonde, I was basically at a reddish color but I spazzed and started crying because I thought I looked crazy. My dad also called me a leprechaun because I had red hair and a green sweatshirt on. So yes, it is stressful to change something that is such a prominent feature.

I’m writing about this because my best friend is about to chop off her hip length hair to her shoulders and dye it either red or get blonde highlights. It should be interesting because it came out of the blue, but hell, I’m always a supporter of change and trying something new so props to her. I’m also going to be adding golden lowlights into my blonde hair to make it a little darker and similar to Candice Swanepoel’s hair. I love her so I’m attempting to copy her hair.

Lucky for me I live with my mom who is a hair stylist so I’ve never had to leave my house to get something done. Although it kind of sucks for her because if I don’t like it, I blame her and she feels bad. I don’t try to make her feel bad but she does anyways according to her. She’s nervous to do my best friends hair because she doesn’t want her to hate her and she’s nervous to do mine cause she’s worried I’ll think my hair is too “gingery” once the gold is in. I understand her concerns. It’s not that she can’t do the color, it’s more of a mental thing for me and the client. It’s what we think looks right or wrong and that can be very tough on the stylist. So to all you stylists out there, as a client, we aren’t trying to make you feel bad if we don’t like it, it’s just our mental picture of ourselves. Keep doing what your doing cause I mean lets be honest, the world would be pretty damn boring if everyone had their natural hair color.

What’s Your Fillosophee?


This weekend was probably the most amazing one I’ve had in a very long time. Friday was spent in Malibu and Santa Monica with my best friend, Saturday was work (blah), Sunday was spent doing a photo shoot for the amazing brand Fillosophee and then Monday after class this guy I met at the shoot, Alex, got me a train ticket to go down and spend his last day in Cali with him!

It’s kind of funny, I never thought a weekend like this would ever happen and it turned out even better than expected. You see, I met this boy. The one who bought me the train ticket to see him before he flew back to Ohio. We met at the shoot, he’s one of the companies sponsored BMX riders and I was modeling…we just hit it off instantly. Even the crew all thought we were dating. It was surreal meeting him just because who would have ever guessed I would have met someone so amazing at a photo shoot. Hell, our first kiss was me getting off the train and him kissing me right then and there. Talk about my movie moment fantasy coming true! He lives in Ohio which blows…but he wants to move to CA this summer so hopefully that works out!

Boys lately haven’t exactly been working out for me. After my last relationship I’m very on edge about getting involved with people and although I’ve gone on a few dates these last couple months…it just didn’t seem like there was enough chemistry with anyone. I think the reason I met Alex was because I just stopped looking… ironic because the moment I just gave up consciously trying to find a guy, I found one. So what’s your Fillosophee? Mine is : just take a step back, work hard, do what you love and good things will come…don’t force anything. Comment yours!

P.S. I know thats not actually how you spell the word Fillosophee but that’s how the brand spells it!